Materials for mushroom production

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Currently Nutriworld companies can provide Materials for mushroom production of rubber with an unlimited quantity.

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  • Nylon Embryos Bag:
    Nylon Embryology Bag were designed specifically for Mushroom Bag , with a width of 10cm and lenght 36cm, arranged along both edges.
  • Tapioca Stem:
    Tapioca tree from carefully chosen, not pests, round, intact plants (cut root and top), take them to Nutriworld farms, put into the ground to ensure the trees alive.
    Tapioca tree after put into ground about three months, germinated and take out them to saw with every ban about 12 – 15cm, peeled off green skin, split with a diameter of about 5cm and dry very carefully, after dried, it whole white is ok Tapioca ban is the main environment in the artificial spawn
  • Shoulders, Neck Plastic:
    Neck and shoulders are used in the packing spawn and embryo bag, very convenient.

  • Embryos Bag:
    The Embryos Bag is environment to plant mushrooms from transplant to harvest. Embryos Bag made from sawdust plus appropriate rate amounts of other substances.
    The quality Embryos Bag is silk orchids, thick, strong white, non-infected insects, silk spawn run 1 / 3 bags from Incubation Embryology Bag House can cary to Growing Farms until harvest. A heavy bag of embryos from 1.2 kg to 1.5 kg
  • Spawn:
    Spawn selected from the big ear mushrooms, thick, not the disease, get the quantity of the mushroom farm, then was cross-breed from the microbiology office Nutriworld Company.
    A quality spawn bag is 60 stems ban, silk orchids, thick, strong, white, not infected.
    Currently Nutriworld Company can provide Black Fungus Spawn with unlimited quantity and quickly, besides please order before 30 days.

  • Sawdust:
    Sawdust is essential milled from rubber trees, not the nature of oil, easy rotten, are suitable for mushroom growth.
    When we make the environment for mushroom development (also known as embryos bag) should choose the type of tree without oil, was incubated for 3 months, the purpose is to reduce the aggressive and oil.

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