Longan – Rambutan

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Longan – Rambutan
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Manufacturer : Việt Nam
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Sweet Rambutan is grown in farm production Nutriworld Co.,Ltd, ensuring correct technical Safety Food Hygiene
of the Ministry of Health.Sweet Rambutan is very sweet, people usually eats Longan – Rambutan when it’s gold and red, the price of it so highest (about 5 – 10 thousand dong). It is planted in the most Binh Loc — Long Khanh – Dong Nai. Purchasing fruits at Binh Loc happen the same festival, all the focus here to purchase, especially Tourists are preferred feeling himself harvest Longan – Rambutan enjoy autonomy in a large garden area with all types of fruit.

Sweet – Rambutan that gifts can not be missing when anyone come across the Long Khanh – Dong Nai.

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