• About the product: Increasing product quality to meet the increasing demand of customers.
  • Market: Promote marketing activities to promote the brand and products of the Company on the market. Implement good quality policy for customers to maintain and develop the brand, market share. Promote all resources, promote external relations, joint ventures, link with foreign partners to access the wider international market.
  • Regarding science and technology: To step up the movement of technical innovations and rationalize production for technological innovation in production and business in order to create more profits. To regularly update, study and apply scientific and technological advances in the world.
  • Regarding investment: To continue investing in modern specialized and technological equipment. Through investment to access modern facilities and equipment in the direction of development of advanced science and technology in the world, at the same time to train technical staff and skilled workers, meeting the development requirements of the Company.
  • Financially: Strictly manage costs, ensure efficient use of funds; improve financial capacity, ensure stable, stable development.

  • Core values:
  1. Prestige with Customer & Faithful with Company
  2. Interesting in Customer & Supporting to Co-workers
  3. Professional & Effective Works
  4. Long-term cooperation & sustainable development