Nutriworld Company, head office are located in Dong Nai province, is growing and processing DRIED BLACK FUNGUS (WOOD EAR MUSHROOM) most powerful of our country.
With strength, Nutriworld pioneer of a Closed Manufacturing Technology Processing, from Choosing & Multiplying Spawn - Manufacturing Embryo Bag - Mushroom Farms - Processing Packaged End-product of DRIED BLACK FUNGUS (100 % natural, no preservatives used) with brand is NUTRIWORLD.
Nutriworld supply mushrooms with Large Quantities, Competitive Prices & Export Standard satisfy all the demands of DRIED BLACK FUNGUS in domestic and international markets.
Besides NUTRIWORLD brand of DRIED BLACK FUNGUS, we can process the request of customers with all kinds of standards:

- Raw materials (None cutting root and none cleaned)
- Cutting root and none cleaned
- Cutting root and cleaned
- Dried black sliced/strip
- Dried black shred

We look forward to working with customers have the needs to buy mushrooms to use in domestic as well as export to international markets.


Any requests for Dried Black Fungus quotation, please do not hesitate to contact with us:

Tel: +84905.025.144
Skype ID: candy.thanh85

Mr. David:
Tel: +84989.36.36.38 - 939.019.669          
Skype ID: david.phu81