9 am on 09th Nov, 2012 the opening ceremony of the International Agricultural Fair-Agroviet 2012 to look forward to a high-tech agriculture, safety and sustainable development with the theme “Building and developing an agriculture and rural development in the direction of high technology, safety and sustainable development.”

International Agriculture Fair – Agroviet 2012 will be a major event of the agricultural sector to the propagation and promotion of agro-forestry and seafood products in Vietnam high quality, meeting the requirements of food hygiene and safety, reputation in the domestic and international markets.

With a size of about 650 booths including: Booth won the international business sector, including the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, associations, research institutions, corporations, cooperatives, businesses … areas: Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, new supplies machinery, fresh and processed food, plants, pets …

NUTRIWORLD’S DRIED BLACK FUNGUS, one of the main agricultural products both Dong Nai been honorably invited to participate in this fair.

Departments visit NUTRIWORLD’s booth

With the goal of “introducing CLEAN and HANDY BLACK FUNGUS” to consumers in HCM city area, NUTRIWORLD brought to the fair two high-quality product line is WHOLE and SLICED BLACK FUNGUS with different weight suit the needs of each family.

Booth display and introduce NUTRIWORLD products

Fair brings together the prestigious agricultural products, high quality and NUTRIWORLD products is appreciated by consumers about the clean production processes, ensure food hygiene and safety to meet the rigorous standards of the market.

Customers are buying NUTRIWORLD products

During the period the consumer is “boycott China” and fret about agricultural products in Vietnam. Especially fruit and vegetable products, fruit agricultural products of China are flooding the Vietnamese market, then all agricultural products made in Vietnam, clearly originating and brand names are always supported and chose by consumers. Therefore, NUTRIWORLD’s products are chose and appreciated by consumer instead of buying habits raw Fungus in markets.

In addition, dedicated advice and guidance of Nutriworld employees that many consumers have recognized the value of BLACK FUNGUS to not only to the common, everyday dishes, but also be used as one medicine is good for your heart, beautiful skin, atherosclerosis treatment … Since then, customers have enthusiastically supported our products and we’ve sold out in just three first days in fairs. That made Nutriworld having the extra motivation to complete day by day and creating better products to meet the expectations of consumers.

Fair was a great success, NUTRIWORLD’ Black fungus increasingly well known in the domestic and international market. And always is a pioneering company about production of clean fungus in Vietnam.

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