Evening of 9/5, at the Xuan To Industrial Park, Tinh Bien district, An Giang Province opened Fair Trade – Tourism and Investment Cuu Long (Mekong) 2012 – Tinh Bien – An Giang, with theme: “Development Cooperation tourist trade and investment” opportunities for businesses to advertise their products, introduce brand to consumers in the border districts and the people of Cambodia.

Fair takes place from 9 to 14 May, with the participation of hundreds of businesses, attracting over 400 booths, including An Giang has 40 stalls, business cities and provinces in the Mekong Delta have 25 stalls, the Southeast region and Ho Chi Minh City has 265 stores, businesses Cambodia over 20 booths. In addition, within the framework of the fair, there are food booths, demonstrations and machinery for agriculture, horticulture consultant, fruit-growing, selling and promotion-discount-gift donations for the new product lines.

Fair has 9 specialty areas include: Exhibition achievement of economic development, culture and society of the province, the exhibition featured products of the Mekong Delta provinces and provincial cities you; the exhibition of products agricultural products, fisheries, food processing machinery exhibition center equipment, furniture decoration, building materials; the exhibition of agricultural products; commercial and general services; the exhibition products of traditional craft villages; dining area and display area of the business products Cambodia.

Fungus NUTRIWORLD – Major products of Dong Nai province.

Display space and introduced the CLEAN NUTRIWORLD DRIED BLACK FUNGUS

Attend this expo, as major products of Dong Nai Province, introduced Nutriworld mushrooms packaged to the people at Tinh Bien – An Giang, as well as seeking to export them through Cambodia.

Mr. Huynh The Nang – vice-chairman of An Giang Province People’s Committee (the first in left side) visited general booth in Dong Nai

Although this is the new product compared with the consumption habits of the consumers here, but when salespersons introduced, consultants and instructed enthusiastic as well as how to use mushrooms. They had response and enthusiastic support.

Fair wraps, Nutriworld has succeeded in bringing a new perspective on CLEAN mushrooms to consumers as well as Cambodian. And helping to change consumer habits from the products in the market, unknown branded, unknown origin to use branded products and ensure quality and hygiene standards for food safety.