Early in 2011, a French company had been finding to Xuan Thien, Thong Nhat in order to see the production process and packing Dried Black Fungus of Nutriworld Co., Ltd to import. And in middle, the more company from the land of cherry blossoms is looking to purchase mushrooms. Just entered in this field for 3 years but Nutriworld products also has “take heart” is both difficult markets such as Europe, Japan… Each year, exporting over 700 tones all kinds of Nutriworld mushrooms, of which over 90% are processed into sliced ​​mushrooms, mushroom pieces and press flat mushroom. This is considered the pioneer companies in improving value for fungi. Mr. Nguyen Tan Phu, director of the Nutriworld Company, said crude fungus sell only about 60.000vnd/ kg, but they are processing more than double the price.

Director Nguyen Tan Phu is testing mushrooms products at the factory.

Finished college, Mr.Phu went to work for foreign enterprises, has risen to assistant general manager with high salary, but then he went off to set up his own businesses in his village. The reason why he chose a new business by seeing it is “unfair” with mushrooms in his home. Located between the famous mushroom (Long Khanh, Trang Bom and Thong Nhat), but mushrooms only sold around the country and Chinese companies. Mr. Phu said: “Looking for Chinese companies to buy their mushrooms at low prices and then sell the processing of more than double the price that also sorry. Recently, there are some Chinese companies suggesting my company providing crude mushrooms but I don’t agree. Currently the European market and the Japanese prefer Vietnam fungus more than China. This is a opportunity to introduce our products to foreign country”. In Europe, Nutriworld products sold in the two countries as France and Germany. In Asia sold in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Cambodia. In his deep mind, Mr. Phu always keep reputation for mushrooms in his fatherland.

Director: Nguyen Tan Phu

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