On 28-11-2011, Japanese customers visited the office and CLEAN DRIED BLACK FUNGUS factory of the Nutriworld company

He said now he needs a large number of Vietnam mushrooms to export to markets in Japan, Hong Kong and others.
After studying and discuss about the needs and the fungus is he being imported from China. He appreciated the direction and production process clean of fungus Nutriworld Company. For him, it is important production of Nutriworld mushrooms do not use any chemicals or preservatives stimulation does and ensuring food safety for consumers.
He also references the brand of Nutriworld mushrooms and black fungus that Nutriworld company has processed, packaged.
Director of Nutriworld introduced the process of clean mushrooms’ packaging into the customers.
He was very pleased and excited with the production of Nutriworld mushrooms and hopes to cooperate with the Nutriworld Company soon.
Source from Nutriworld.net