Dong Nai is considered the center of the mushrooms produced in the South, every year for the market to provide nearly 4,000 tons of mushrooms. However, most of the mushrooms are sold as raw, low value economy. Recently there was a company has entered this field with the desire to add value to the fungus, which is Nutriworld company in Thong Nhat district.

Each kg black fungus unprocessed is sold in the market about 60 thousand VND. Meanwhile, the mushroom has 1kg through processing (cleaning, root cutting and sorting) can cost around 80 thousand VND, if the processing become sliced and scrap mushrooms and packaging costs of up to 120 to 130 thousand VND / kg. Mr. Nguyen Tan Phu, Director of Nutriworld said that the domestic markets are not familiar with the use of processed mushrooms. The fungus is most food processing company’s use. The reason is because for a long time processing mushrooms are not development so little product supply to market. Meanwhile, overseas consumers only use processed mushrooms. Mr. Phu said the average annual market Nutriworld provide approximately 700 tons of mushrooms; domestic consumption accounted for 15%, the rest are exported to over 90% of processed products. Consumers buying processed mushrooms soaked in water for just being able to cook, quite handy. Nutriworld have 6 kinds of mushrooms, including Dried Black fungus (whole, sliced, scrap, press flat…) are preferred in the market.

Customers are buying Nutriworld mushrooms sold at the Can Tho Trade fair – 2010.

According to Mr. Phu, the majority of Vietnam’s mushrooms are now Chinese enterprises purchasing and processing then sold in their market, or exported to another country. “Thanks to the advantage of weather and fungus materials therefore Vietnam cheaper Chinese mushrooms about 1 USD / kg; the Chinese companies have advantages in machinery and equipment to buy mushrooms for processing. There some traders in the North want to offer raw mushrooms in large quantities for export to China but I do not accept. ”

From Nutriworld experience shows that many countries such as France, Germany, Japan … prefer to use mushrooms originating from Vietnam. This is an advantage to domestic companies export to this market. In addition, Vietnam’s price is more competitive for more foreign enterprises to buy. Currently, Nutriworld mushrooms are exported to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany and France. In the first five months this year has exported 130 tons Nutriworld mushrooms and domestic consumption of about 70 tons, reaching sales of over 16 billion.

It is known that Nutriworld is unique in the province and also one of the few mushrooms for export processing enterprises in the country today.

Van Nam