After graduating from the University of Maritime, Nguyen Tan Phu (Xuan Thien, Thong Nhat District) work as assistant general manager for a foreign company in Ho Chi Minh city with high salaries. Work is progressing well, he had given up his job and backs to Dong Nai to establish a company specialize in production, processing and trading of Dried Black & White Fungus. Nutriworld brand available on the market three years …

Every year, the export volume of Nutriworld’ mushrooms increased, factories have expanded continuously. Nutriworld averages annual supply to the market all kind of mushrooms around 700 tons.

Mr. Phu with Dried Black Fungus Sliced packaged for export.

Earlier this year, a company from France came to “headquarters” of Nutriworld office & farms to see the production process and intends to contract ordering. A middle of July, other company from the land of cherry blossoms (Japan) visited and bought mushrooms. Mr. Phu said, strong import market Nutriworld product is now Europe (France, Germany) and Asia (Japan, Korea and Taiwan). Businesses looking to buy mushrooms produced by Nutriworld are big and reputed companies. After that they bought mushroom from buyers in China, but when viewing the information on the Nutriworld website, introduced fungus produced no drug use, so they come here. Nutriworld is the only company in the province processing mushroom for export now.

Anh Phu said the cultivator pretty hard but low incomes. Meanwhile, many companies in China import Vietnam fungi cheaply and then they process and sell high prices. So he decided to pursue this field ​​ in order to name Vietnam’s mushroom to the foreign market. Currently, the company has six types of mushrooms, many of which are popular markets, such as Dried Black Fungus whole, sliced, press flat…. He said “In foreign countries, most families do not have much time to cook so mushrooms should be prepared. Consumers just are water-soaked mushrooms and cook, do not take the wash, cut and sliced. At home, processed mushroom products on the market is small, each enterprise participating in trade fairs, large customers buy products because of that strange and convenience for cooking …”

Last time, the export volume of Nutriworld mushrooms accounted for 85%, only 15% of domestic consumption. To expand the market, Nutriworld is looking for distributors in the provinces and city to introduce products to consumers. In the Sep, 2011, businesses have provided to the market over 400 tons of mushrooms, which exports 280 tons, turnover reached more than 33 billion. According to Phu, the production of mushrooms sold by the company this year will exceed 700 tons.

Khac Gioi