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Dried Black Fungus Scrap
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Dried Black Fungus Scrap
Code : 06N
Manufacturer : Việt Nam
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Dried Black Fungus is grown in farm production Nutriworld Co.,Ltd, ensuring correct technical Safety Food Hygiene of the Ministry of Health.

At the moment Nutriworld Co., Ltd is exporting Dried Black Fungus to all most country on the world.

 And here are some informations of Dried Black Fungus Scrap, you should know:

Besides, we have some other Dried Black Funguses as below:

1. Raw Material Dried Black Fungus
2. Dried Black Fungus (Cut Root & None Washed)
3. Dried Black Fungus (Cut Root & Washed)
4. Dried Black Fungus (Press Flat)
5. Dried Black Fungus Sliced

Note: Every unit, we have a different about width and length (Depends on your requirement)


Bacteriological Analysis of HCM Pasteur Institute. 

- Salmonella            0 in 25  

- Bacillus Cereus    < 1 000 CFU/g      
Please Contact to:

Mr. David Phu – Sales Dept  to get more infomation

Tel: (+84) 939.019.669 - (+84) 989.36.36.38 - (+84) 613.789.668

Fax: (+84) 613.789.667
Or Ms. Candy Thanh – Sales Executive
Tel: (+84) 905.025.144 - (+84) 985.27.41.27
Email: or
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